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What is a diet

A Diet...is not

  • A special course of food restrictions,  which are placed upon you as an individual, in order for you to lose weight or for other medical reasons.

The Truth...a diet is

  • The type of food that a person habitually eats on a daily basis OR is the sum of food consumed by a person on a daily basis.

The Problem

  • People assume to be on a diet, you are restricting yourself to specific foods
  • That a diet is only for a short term.

A diet is only a part of a life style.

At 47 years old, I decided to change my life style, the way I live every day, to get fit and start enjoying life again.

I had run at school, ( a long time ago! ) but I did enjoy it and love it even more now.

It is a life style choice, running, travelling to races across Europe, it really is a fabulous way to see the World.

A life style choice

Approaching 60 years old, feeling fit & healthy and looking great, I ask for no more.

It is a life style choice to be overweight or unfit.

It is the personal choices you make every day, that make you the person you are tomorrow.

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