Sustaining Weight Loss & The Biggest Loser

In 2015 six years after contestants had been on The Biggest Loser, a study looked at their weights.


On average participants had gained 70% of their weight.

So why did they gain weight ?

Contestants are placed back into their own personal environment, their job and the people around them. It is no wonder they go back to what they were doing before the contrived show.  This is just a TV show, which earns lots of money.

Put simply, the contestants are placed into a contrived situation, exercising 8hrs a day, to lose weight. It can not fail, they all lose weight, however this life style can not continue. This is not long term thinking by anyone.

All contestants reported they maintained the Biggest Loser-approved nutrition regime and exercise level over the six-year period, since the show ended. Unfortunately Self-reported data is notoriously unreliable. It’s not a flaw of these particular people, it’s just how humans work. If they had kept to the regime, they would have sustained their weight.

It is however a complicated question as we do not have all the data, such as their home environment, their work and others around them.

Did they regain the weight because they lost it so quick

Although a convenient explanation, it would appear this is a complete myth. There is no reliable data which suggests that slow weight loss is more effective, long term.

Is sustained weight loss possible 

Yes but it is a life style change that works, nothing else.

Our top tips

  1. Have a, habit-based approach with a modest approach to both exercise and calorie reduction.
  2. Eating slowly. Studies have shown that people who train themselves to eat more slowly, tend to eat less, losing weight as a result.
  3. At meals times, don't eat until you are stuffed. Eat until satisfied, if you think you have had enough, leave the rest.
  4. Reduce stress Studies have shown that stress has been linked to weight gain. You must try and relax when you come home from work. Go for a walk, play with your pet, or have a massage.
  5. Find an activity you enjoy, that way you will continue the activity every week.

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