The Jump Start Weight Loss Programme

On the Jump start programme, you can expect to lose weight fast and see progress sooner.

The amount of weight loss depends upon your starting weight. A simple formulae shows, that a larger person

will have a greater weight loss. It is obvious a smaller person, can not lose the same weight, in a given time period.

You can only lose a certain % of your body weight, per week, No more. We can not give you a specific weight loss

without first knowing, your height and current weight.

  • Weight losses of 6 or 7Ibs per week ( 3kg ) is not unusual.
  • Less stress and general mood improvement.
  • Gentle exercise to help you get into a daily and weekly routine, to help with long-term positive lifestyle changes.

Jump Start Your Weight Loss Today

Our Jump start weight loss diet is simple and seeing the results of your weight loss makes it much easier to continue your journey.

On the jump start programme, we change your diet to a protein biased diet, to help you lose even more weight. This is a very effective

weight loss fast and with gentle exercise, you will feel good and look great... on our Jump Start weight loss programme.

If you wish to know how much weight you could lose on our Jump Start programme, e mail your current height and weight and

we will give you an indication of your expected weight loss, from our 14 years of experience.

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