Graduated Weight Loss

Our graduated weight loss programme is designed for people who have put on weight slowly over a period of years, our typical guest. This programme is not just about weight loss but a life style change. With a diet plan and gentle exercise regime, we show you just how easy that change can be. We recommend a stay of 28 days because this is how long it takes to change a habit. You may stay for as long or short a period as you wish.

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Sustained Weight Loss

Most people are put off making changes in their lives because they think the effort must be sustained indefinitely, living a life of misery, waiting for the inevitable relapse and failure. This is just not true, as we now know that you only need to change for about 28 days.

According to Robin Sharma ( Author - The monk who sold his Farrari ) it takes just 28 days to change a habit and many Physiologists agree, it takes just 4 weeks to change a habit. Consciously and stubbornly focusing on the change for only 4 weeks ! from there on it should be automatic.

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This is why one reason we offer both our Jumpstart and long stay Graduated weight loss programmes. There is no evidence to show that a slow weight loss programme is any better than a faster based weight loss programme, for sustained weight loss over time, but if you can change for 28 days, it will be easier to change for life.

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Gentle Exercise

You will visit the gym whilst here and you may find you love it, which would then be easy to continue on your return home. Most people join the gym in January but within 4 to 6 weeks, never go again, either they do not enjoy it or have no support. Find a personal trainer, anyone to train with and you will find it easier to continue. If you are going to exercise, then you must do something you enjoy, otherwise 4 weeks later, you will stop the exercise. The contestants on biggest loser all fail, why, they can not keep up the hours of exercise each day that they did on biggest loser.

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