Transform Me

We do not except failure...... so why should you

It can take as little as 28 days to change or form a new habit, that's just 4 weeks focusing on your future as a slim and better you. However old habits die hard, especially when the support they need is not around. Support is imperative if you are to succeed.

weigth loss for girls

Our Follow up Programme

Our programme is designed for guests who are either single, or do not have the support from friends or helpful family and need just a little more help.

The cost of a follow up week is at a 15% discount. If you wish to bring a friend to support you, they too will have the same discount.

Our Best Tips

To lose weight and keep it off for good...

  1. Keep a diary of everything you eat and the exercise you take. It has been shown that people who keep a log of what they do, tend to succeed.
  2. Try to follow the same diet every week. Studies have also shown that this helps.
  3. Eating more protein has been shown help keep off the weight.
  4. Always eat breakfast, rather than leaving until later then eating More !
  5. People who are active are far more likely to keep the weight off. Just 30mins 3 x per week.

Transform Me