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Your New Shape

Imagine a large round balloon full of air and you decide to let air out. The balloon will deflate but the round shape will remain basically the same. If you decide to lose weight, fast or slow, like the balloon you will deflate but your shape will remain basically the same. If however you wish to have the hour glass figure, you must include an exercise as part of your life style. Dancing is a perfect exercise for everyone, why dancing you ask, because many of our lady guests guests love dancing, whilst the men are more orientated to gym style fitness programmes. Men find it easier to exercise alone, whilst our lady guests find it easier to exercise with the company of others.

Our Fitness programme

A person who lives with cripples, will soon learn to limp ! ( Italian Proverb )

This proverb implies, your peers have a vast influence on what you feel is both an acceptable way to think and live. Fit people hang around with other fit people and over-weight people stay around others who are themselves over-weight or unfit. If you are serious about losing weight, find others around you who can help. Find fit friends and you too will become fit.

To help you, we find an activity you have enjoyed in the past or a new activity you have found. This forms the basis of your time here. This is because, if you take up an activity you enjoy, you are not liable to stop the activity. If we take you to the a gym or other activity you do not usually do, you will stop the activity on your return home. You must have a life style change which includes an activity you enjoy. We show you how easy that life style change can be

Our Cuisine

Activity of any kind is only half of any fitness programme or should I say life style. A healthy diet is paramount for you to engage in any fitness activity and continue to live life to the full. We love to eat healthy food every day, and yes the occasional glass of wine and chocolate, just not duty free size ! Fresh fruit and veg with and very little package based foods of any kind, no preservatives or colour in foods, if at all possible. This is not a two week experience, we show you how to live in the real world, avoiding the daily pitfalls and top tips, with a sustainable and enjoyable life style diet. Cost for 8 nights £1150

food for weight loss

food for weight loss

food for weight loss

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