detox juice for weight loss

Want to detox but don't know how?

All programmes are bespoke to guests. Many of our guests detox for 4 days and then eat a healthy diet for the rest of their stay.

Colonic Irrigation

Although widely seen in the media, colon cleansing regimes have

  •       No proof that they are effective in promoting general health or well-being.
  •       Lots of evidence that they are actually harmful, even potentially life-threatening.

Cost for 8 nights £950

Transform Me

The Detox

Our detox retreat will be a great motivation for change, teaching you new habits that will help you both physically and mentally to feel lighter, brighter and energised, for your life style change. With lots of healthy freshly prepared juices and broths, to put a spring in your step.

What we do not offer

We do not believe Colonic Irrigation to be a natural process and will not offer this on our programmes.

Work with your body

  • The best diet for detoxing is simply one that helps your natural detoxifying systems to work.
  • Assisting the natural detoxifying of the body.
  • Our detox diet, will motivate you to eat more fruit & vegetables, more water & less processed foods, caffeine and alcohol.