Weight loss for girls

The basis for this negativity may have been the result of a trauma, such as a marriage break down or death in the family. After such a trauma you have two types of emotions, primary and secondary. Primary emotions are instant reactions such as fear, whilst secondary emotions are how you deal with the stress.

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It is this secondary emotional response which YOU can learn to adapt and change.

According to Robin Sharma ( Author - The monk who sold his Farrari ) it takes just 28 days to change a habit and many Physiologists agree, it takes just 4 weeks to change a habit. That is consciously and stubbornly focusing on the change for only 4 weeks ! from there on it should be automatic.

Cognitive Behaviour

Cognitive behavior is the theory that your behaviors and your emotions are the direct result of negative thinking which have adapted over a period of time. 

This is why one reason we offer both our Jumpstart and long stay Graduated weight loss programmes. There is no evidence to show that a slow weight loss programme is any better than a faster based weight loss programme, for sustained weight loss, but if you can change for just 28 days, it will be easier to change for life.

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