Our Case Studies

The case studies below are guests, who have stayed with us, their images are in the Gallery.We offer a number of bespoke weight loss programmes, specially designed for you to lose weight.

Case Study One

Francesca had unfortunately broken her ankle, thus she could not place any weight on her foot for 8 weeks. Just lying on her sofa and watching television. This however does not burn many calories and added to the fact she was bored and ate biscuits & chocolate with her coffee, she put on weight. Before she arrived, we had discussed her predicament and it was decided to place her on our JumpStart Programme. read more

Case Study Two

Jonathan's profession was a web designer, which entailed many hours sitting in front of his computer. With no exercise at all, eating junk food every day while sat at his computer, the weight gain was very quick. Too busy on the computer to go shopping, he even had home delivery from the supermarket! Before he arrived, we had talked on the telephone and  he decided the Graduated Weight Loss Programme was the perfect choice for him read more

Case Study Three

Kate was our typical guest. She had put on weight very slowly over a period of years. Starting around 30 or 35 years old, Kate had been gradually putting on a pound or maybe just less than that, every month, until she came to us 55 years old. She was now substantially over weight but really did not know what to do, as she felt she had done nothing different, the weight just sort of appeared ! After an initial consultation we decided to customised a package to suit her life specific style.  read more

Case Study Four

Susan I would say was not our typical guest, as she did not come to lose weight but wished to detox. Detoxing is not about losing weight although this may be a by-product. Susan wished to change her diet, in an attempt to help her body naturally detox. read more

Far away from temptations, yet just a short flight from the UK. The sunshine coast of the Costa Blanca, Spain.

Guests say, it is much easier to lose weight in a home environment, rather than a hotel which is too contrived and not real life.

You will not be asked to give up anything in your diet, such a chocolate or coffee. For we have found that giving up any food, is not for life and why should it be. Everything in moderation is our Ethos. You may eat what you wish but do not over eat and that is where the secret is. It is not what you eat but how much, once you learn this, your diet is for life and that is a life style which is sustainable.

We look forward to an opportunity to welcome you to our residential weight loss retreat, a home from home.

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