Weight Loss Holiday

We are not a Bootcamp we are better. Kick start your new healthy weight loss, choose either a Jumpstart, Graduated or Detox programme.  Lose weight fast on our Jump Start programme and achieve your weight loss goals.

Lose weight, on holiday in sunny Spain. You will naturally eat less in a warmer climate and therefore it is easier for you to lose weight AND you are away from the stresses of everyday life, in sunny Spain.

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From Nov 16th

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No shouting and no ludicrous exercises with huge tyres or ropes !  We could book you into a luxury hotel. ( but this is not the reason you are here )

After 13 years we know what works and according to our many past guests, we are good at what we do.

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Check out our Gallery Here past guests

We will change the way you think about your lifestyle, self confidence and belief in your own abilities.

Lose weight, and JumpStart your new lifestyle.


Check out our Gallery Here past guests

Why are we different, we help you to find an enjoyable activity, you will love or a past fitness activity which you may have given up, just for you.

We are not a weight loss boot camp, our results are better, a home from home experience.

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We encourage & inspire, to transform the way you think about your current life style.

Rise to the challenge and fulfill your true potential.

We share your journey, working out, eating and laughing together.

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Check out our Gallery Here past guests

The best exercise is the one you  most enjoy.

Working to change your lifestyle

Why Choose Our, Weight Loss Holiday

  • All year round perfect climate means all activities are outdoors, all year. ( No smelly gyms )
  • WI - FI, there is always time for connecting to your office or work e-mails.
  • Time to relax in the sun, with the beach so close.
  • Cheap - Short 2 1/2 Hrs flight from UK, easier accessible international airports
  • Small groups and personalised attention.
  • Sustained weight loss for long term results.
  • You naturally eat less is a warmer climate, as your body needs less calories.

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Select your weight loss package below & Design your perfect stay

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Detox Programme

Our detox programme is a complete holistic approach to your wellbeing. Arriving and departing on the days of your choice for 7, 14,  21 or 28 day detox programmes in the sun. Delicious fresh juices made daily, optional activities, include gentle yoga sessions, walking and swimming in the sea or pool.


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Jump Start weight loss

The JumpStart programme at Divine is a unique and effective approach to weight loss management.  This 14 day experience provides a break from the stresses of daily life, so that you can focus on your specific weight loss goals.

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Fasting Programme

Our Fasting programmes are customisable in every way and are specially designed for you to lose weight fast, in just 7 days. This bespoke fasting programme is designed for your specific needs

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